Clement Sector Bundle of Holding!

We're proud to be Bundle of Holding's latest offering!

For $17.95, you get the 675-page Clement Sector Third Edition, the character creation expansion Diverse Roles, our planet and star system generation sourcebook Unmerciful Frontier, our starship building book The Anderson and Felix Guide to Naval Architecture, Wendy's Guide to the Fleets of Hub Subsector, and two starship books (the Pleaides-class Light Freighter and the Roosevelt-class Intercept Destroyer).

And if you pay more than the threshold price of $35.55, you'll gain an additional nine titles: Port of Entry: Starports in Clement Sector, Subsector Sourcebook: Hub, Subsector Sourcebook: Sequoyah, Subsector Sourcebook: The Colonies, Manhunter: Bounty Hunters in Clement Sector, Outlaw: Crime in Clement Sector, Skull and Crossbones: Piracy in Clement Sector, Tree of Life: Altrants in Clement Sector, and Wondrous Menagerie: Uplifts in Clement Sector!

And that's not all! You'll also get a special code which will allow you to take 30% off any additional purchase at the Independence Games webstore!

10% of all of funds raised here will go to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation in the name of our good friend, Vincent Campbell, who passed away from a brain aneurysm in 2011.

But remember, with Bundle of Holding, the faster you act, the more you save! So act quick! This offer will end in 17 days on April 17!