Fires in Australia

Terrible fires have been ravaging Australia since July of 2019, and matters are only getting worse. DTRPG has announced a set of game bundles in order to raise money for charities attempting to aid those in need.

Independence Games is proud to be part of this effort. One of the bundles, The Starships and Posthumanity Bundle, includes Ships of Clement Sector 1-3: Hub Federation Warships. This bundle is a $358.21 value which you get for the low price of $25.

All proceeds from your purchase of this product will be donated in equal measure to these two charities:

Disaster Relief and Recovery - Red Cross of Australia
Bushfire Emergency - World Wildlife Fund Australia

In addition, you will find that there are four other bundles as well:

AU Charity - Capes, Grit, and Gunsmoke
AU Charity - Fantasy Core & Settings
AU Charity - Fantasy Supplements
AU Charity - Modern & Urban Horror

You can find the Starships and Posthumanity Bundle at this link: