News for August 14!

Good morning!
Just want to drop in a few bits of news from Independence Games.
1> Subsector Sourcebook: Hecate is live at our webstore and at DTRPG. This is the second of our Earth Sector subsector books and covers the D Subsector of the sector. Hecate is the location of some of the Scandinavian and Canadian colonies and all of the Iranian and Portuguese colonies.
You can pick it up at DTRPG here:
And at our webstore here:
2> We're hoping to get the print version of Hecate out sometime in the next two weeks. Covid, as you've probably become accustomed to at this point, is delaying it but it should be less of a delay than we experienced with Ensemble Cast.
3> Our good friends at The Zhodani Base have started a Cepheus Engine fanzine, The Cepheus Journal. It is packed with great stuff for your Cepheus game (and can even be useful to those of you still playing something else) and has articles from our friends in the Cepheus universe including frequent Independence Games contributors Ian Stead and Michael Johnson.
You can pick up your copy of The Cepheus Journal for the low, low cost of absolutely free at this link:
4> Speaking of our good friends in the Cepheus universe, John Griffiths (of Spica Publishing fame) has started a forum for the discussion of Cepheus and its many settings and products. Here you can discuss Clement Sector, Earth Sector, Hostile, These Stars Are Ours!, and many more.
You can check it out at this link:
Enjoy your Friday and have a great weekend!