News from Independence Games!

A few bits of news concerning what is happening at Independence Games!

1) I am almost finished with the primary writing of Badge: Law Enforcement in Clement Sector. There's still two chapters to write and then editing and artwork to go. I'm hoping that you'll see this in early June.

2) Michael Johnson has completed his portion of the work on Cybersneaks: Hacking in Clement Sector. Still more work from me on this one and, if all goes well for this project, I'm hoping that you'll see it in early-mid July.

3) Michael has also finished work on updating all of the Wendy's Guides of Clement Sector (two of those are already available), Artificial: Robots in Clement Sector, and Interface: Cybernetics in Clement Sector. I still have some formatting work to do on these, but you should see them showing up over the next 2-3 months.

As always with our updates, if you bought the 2e version in PDF we will send you the 3e version for FREE! So no worries if you just bought them or intend to buy them before we get the 3e versions out there.

4) I will be appearing at Crash City Con in Roanoke, VA on August 25-27, 2023. I will be running games, appearing on panels, and we will have a booth in the dealer's room for you to buy books!

If you'd like to know more about Crash City Con, follow this link:

5) We are hoping to be at TravellerCon in Lancaster, PA on October 20-22, 2023. I normally wouldn't mention a convention that I was not 100% sure that I'll be attending, but a lot of folks have been asking and I can say that we intend to be there assuming all works out properly.

If you'd like to know more about TravellerCon, follow this link:

6) If you missed it, CyborgPrime interviewed me for the Traveller Day celebrations. If you'd like to listen to that interview, just follow this link:

And, as always, there's still more to come!

Have a great day!