News from Independence Games!

Here's some Independence Games news as we close out 2023 and move on into 2024. First off, before going into the usual news list, let me thank everyone who has bought our books and supported us this year. It is much appreciated. Between our usual work with Drive-thru RPG, our newly expanded webstore, and our work with Bundle of Holding, this has been an excellent year for us. We're hoping 2024 will be even better.

1)  Subsector Sourcebook: Adroanzi is here!  The PDF is available and the softcover and hardcover are available for pre-order.  Keep in mind that if you pre-order, you get the PDF for free at the time you place your pre-order!

2) Speaking of Discord, if you haven't joined us on our Discord channel, you're missing out on some great camaraderie as well as some fun discussions. Discord seems to be the best social media out there right now and our interactions there are not only a lot of fun but also seem to be helping us much more than our presence on other social media.

Facebook has lost its position as our primary tool to reach folks (though we're not leaving it) and after having huge problems with our Twitter/X account we stopped posting there. So if you want to talk Clement Sector, Earth Sector, Rider, or Action Movie Physics, we highly encourage you to join us on Discord.

Discord invitation:

3) Currently, Michael Johnson is in the process of creating a new ship book. It's in early stages yet, but watch the usual places to see more about it as the project progresses.

4) We're heading to several conventions this year. Some are, at this point, totally confirmed and we'll list those here:

ConNooga (Chattanooga, TN Feb 23-25). We're planning on having a sales booth and we're discussing being on a few panels there. You can learn more about Chattanooga's biggest gaming convention here:

MetrothamCon (Chattanooga, TN May 17-19). We're going to have a sales booth there for sure, but we're still working on other activities during this one. If you'd like to know more about MetrothamCon, you can click here:

Crash City Con (Roanoke, VA August 23-25). We're definitely going to have a sales booth and we always do panels. May be doing other activities as well. If you'd like to know more about Roanoke's fastest growing convention, go this link:

5) We've got a lot in store for this year. We've got more coming for Clement Sector 3e, Earth Sector 3e, and Rider. We're working on another special project that I'm not quite ready to discuss, but we think it will be big and that you'll love it when it gets here later in the year.

Independence Games is going strong! And we're planning on getting stronger over the coming year!

Thanks to all of you.