We're headed to the Wild West!

Independence Games is heading to the Wild West in 2021!

I have always wanted to do a Western game and here it is! After years of working on this, I'm finally to a point that I am ready to announce that Rider is in the latter stages of writing. I feel confident enough that it will be ready in the first quarter of 2021 to go ahead and make this announcement.

Rider will use the Cepheus Engine rules as a base with modifications made to fit with the "Old West" setting. Rider will draw inspiration from both fictional and historical Western lore but will definitely side with fictional portrayals. To paraphrase Larry McMurtry (who was misquoting "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence"), we will be "printing the legend".

Among other things, Rider will feature improvements on the same sort of character generation system you will find in Clement Sector and Earth Sector. We continue to follow the Independence Games tradition of giving characters full backstories but will also be giving the player a greater control over that backstory while maintaining the fun of random character generation. You'll hear more about this as time passes.

Rider will feature 23 Career Paths with everything from Homesteaders to Vagabonds. You'll find Clergy, Doctors, Gunslingers, Con Artists, Soldiers, Outlaws, and many more.

There will be special rules for train heists, bank robberies, and, of course, the showdown at High Noon!

We're really looking forward to bringing this to you!