Earth Sector (PDF)

Earth Sector (PDF)

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Welcome to Earth Sector!

Earth Sector is an extension of Independence Games’ Clement Sector setting. For those familiar with the Clement Sector setting, Earth Sector is set in Earth Sector in 2350 after the Conduit Collapse in 2331. Earth Sector, while it can be played without knowledge of or familiarity with the Clement Sector setting, is best experienced if you are conversant with the full Clement Sector story and the rules presented in Clement Sector Third Edition.

Earth Sector is its own setting united with Clement Sector by the past background before 2331 and then branching off in a new direction afterward. This is the first book in that adventure.

Whereas Clement Sector was a collection of independent worlds, Earth Sector is a collection of worlds colonized by the nations of Earth and held by those nations. In some places, that hold is becoming tenuous, but they are still controlled by the home nation.

This book contains new uplifts and information for each of the nations of Earth, how they get along, and trade information based on the Trade Characteristics presented in Bounded Fortune.

In Clement Sector, there are no living aliens. In Earth Sector, there are two low tech alien races which have been located and rumors of more aliens nearby.

It’s a new adventure. Join us!

Everything is here to get your game in Earth Sector started!

It's a new adventure!  Join us!