Subsector Sourcebook: The Colonies (PDF)

Subsector Sourcebook: The Colonies (PDF)

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Welcome to the frontier!

The Colonies are worlds located on the cutting edge of civilization.  From Dade, Superior, and Winston Subsectors inside Clement Sector to Peel and Solon Subsectors in Ariel Sector and Dawn Subsector in Tranquility Sector, these are the most recently settled systems and packed full of adventure.  

Settlers living on the edge.  Pirates attacking shipping.  Marauders attacking colonies.  Explorers probing the unknown.  Scientists pushing boundaries.  Outcasts seeking refuge.  It's all here.

Visit such worlds as:

Superior - Home to an outcast genetic scientist and his followers.  A colony dedicated to creating better humans at any cost!

Sarawak - A religious separatist colony with a strong desire to be left alone.  Was this desire so strong that they violated their morals and killed hundreds to maintain their privacy?

Peel - An unstable military dictatorship that is inching toward chaos!

Argos Prime - A world with underground seas and oceans in a maze of caverns where corporate interests and new settlers are clashing with the established colonists.  Whose side will your characters take?

Adventure awaits you in the new colonies!