Unmerciful Frontier:  The CCA Sourcebook Third Edition (Hardcover)

Unmerciful Frontier: The CCA Sourcebook Third Edition (Hardcover)

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Brave the frontier!

Unmerciful Frontier covers the Cascadia Colonization Authority, the most famous of many organizations in Clement Sector dedicated to scouting the unknown and determining where future colonies might be placed. Unmerciful Frontier gives detailed descriptions of the CCA and features career tracks to allow your players to become members of this storied group.

Unmerciful Frontier also features our advanced star system generation method which is updated to match the best science available concerning the topic. Unmerciful Frontier's star system generation method will return realistic star systems usable with any science fiction game.

The book also acts as a sourcebook for Tranquility Sector, the sector directly to trailing of Clement Sector and a prime location for adventure.

191 Pages. Hardcover Book. Includes Free PDF.