Wondrous Menagerie:  Uplifts in Clement Sector (Softcover)

Wondrous Menagerie: Uplifts in Clement Sector (Softcover)

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Time to get wild!

Ever since the earliest days of genetic manipulation, humanity has been breeding animals to make them more useful tools for humanity. Dogs and cats became domesticated. Horses were made to be larger and stronger. Cows bred to give more milk. Rats have been used in scientific experimentation. As targeted genetic manipulation began to be used in conjunction with body manipulation and cyberware, uplifting animals to not only higher intelligence but also the ability to walk upright and manipulate tools became commonplace. Uplifted animals, while often shunned by some humans and even hated by others, are now common sights within modern Clement Sector.

Within these pages, you will find the wide variety of uplifts which populate the Clement Sector setting. Everything from the common House Cat which can now request its dinner to the uplifted Apes that form the backbone of some armies to the Class 2 Uplifted Bear which acts as security for your ship's crew.

And it's not just Earth animals which have been uplifted. Here you will meet the Yeti from Campbell (Cascadia 0408), the Kraken from Minerva (Franklin 0401), and the Quetzals from Tal'Kalares (Franklin 0105).

Wondrous Menagerie delves into the lives of uplifts, how the various worlds of Clement Sector treat them, and how humans react to them. Also included is the Uplift slave career for those characters which have escaped the worlds where uplifts are seen as tools rather than fellow sentients.

Wondrous Menagerie is intended for use with the Clement Sector setting and rules. However, these uplifts can easily be used for any science fiction game or setting.

82 page book.  Softcover.  Includes Free PDF.